Why Does Leamington Spa Station Need A Supernatural Liaison Officer?

Why Does Leamington Spa Station Need A Supernatural Liaison Officer?

by Alyson Duncan

When we think of haunted locations, the type of things that usually spring to mind are abandoned hospitals, castles and even haunted houses. However, the restless spirits of the dead can show up anywhere and one of the spots that claims to be one of Britain’s most haunted locations is not quite what you might expect! In fact, at first glance Leamington Spa Train Station is just another ordinary train station, much like many others on the line. Underneath that decidedly ordinary exterior is something a little bit more interesting – Leamington Spa Station is reportedly so haunted, that it actually employs a ‘Supernatural Liaison Officer’ to handle enquirers and complaints relating to the ghosts that roam the platforms!


Leamington Spa Station dates back to the late 1800s and is said to be home to a number of ghostly entities. A high volume of passengers have reported seeing apparitions on the platforms after buying their tickets and heading into the station. The activity has gotten so common that Chiltern Railways approached local ghost hunter Nick Rees who now works at the station on a voluntary basis as their ‘Supernatural Liaison Officer’.

So, what does the job of Supernatural Liaison Officer actually involve? Well, essentially he is just there to listen to and document reports of ghostly activity from passengers. For those who are a little bit unsettled or scared, the 60 year old father of two also offers reassurance and comfort. He says that he is very much a people person and that is what makes him good at his job. He gets on with everyone and claims to be able to make anyone smile. He says that he strives to always respect people and in return they respect him too – whether they are living or dead!

Who Is Haunting The Station?

There are a number of hotspots within the station which seem to attract the spirits in residence at Leamington Spa Station. One of these areas is a disused basement on platform 3 which has a partially sealed staircase that seems to lead to nowhere. There are also frequent sightings of ghostly figures roaming the platforms through the station. The night watchman says that Leamington Spa station is one of the most haunted places that he has watched over. He often sees ghostly apparitions on the platforms, but says that they seem to be nice spirits who have a good energy.


However, the most active area is said to be the top floor of the office building above the station. Staff working in the building report seeing and hearing strange occurrences, doors slamming and electronic equipment being turned on and off. One of the office works stated that when they first moved into the offices it was clear that the previous tenants had left in a hurry. Soon afterwards she began to experience paperwork being scattered around,, drawers being left open and doors slamming for no apparent reason. However, she say that she and her colleagues have learned to live in harmony with the spirits and jokes that it can be handy when you want a meeting to be over quickly, as a slammed door can unsettle those not used to the spooks!

Alyson Duncan is a freelance writer with a passion for the weird and the wonderful! As an amateur paranormal investigator she spends much of her free time in dark abandoned buildings chasing